“Digital has made possible a dialogue between technology and craftsmanship rediscovering a holistic approach to design, typical of the Italian Renaissance workshop.
In this scenario, Medaarch uses new technical resources as a precious tools
at the service of living.
This is the approach that we wanted to give to the Mediterranea and Unique collections.”

Amleto Picerno Ceraso,
Medaarch designer and cofounder.

Catalogue 2021

Eco-materials, new technologies, sustainability, design.

Mediterranea and Unique are collections of furniture and design accessories by Medaarch, born from the meeting of the most recent digital design and manufacturing technologies with the traditional tools of Made in Italy craftsmanship.
Research and innovation are the core of our products.
We experiment with new digital technologies to create unique and innovative objects.
We create design products taking care of every phase of the process, from idea to realization, exploring new ways of creating furniture and environments which push the limits of imagination towards new horizons.

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Mediterranea, the collection of indoor & outdoor furniture by Medaarch, comes from the encounter between traditional tools of Made in Italy craftsmanship and digital fabrication.Mediterranea collection investigate the relationship between innovation and tradition.

Our furnishings are in fact made thanks to an additive manufacturing process, 3D printing, which is added to the range of tools of the Italian artisan and industrial tradition.
Thus, armchairs, stools, dining chairs, and seats emerging by addition of material, generated thanks a computational approach to design that allows to define geometric shapes ensuring the resistance of the surfaces, dynamism and lightness, minimizing the use of material.

The materials used for the Mediterranea products are eco-sustainable plastics with the addition of natural dye:
– PLA, is an innovative bioplastic derived from the transformation of sugars present in corn, renewable and non-petroleum-derived materials, it’s biodegradable and compostable.
– PETG, recognized as a safe, non-toxic, durable and 100% recyclable material.

The aim of the project is to re define plastic furniture in a Mediterranean key in the name of innovation and sustainability in order to make it functional, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Unique is part of the Mediterranea project, the collection of 3D printed ceramic vases that blends artisan tradition and digital innovation.

Clay is nature, the perfect element for creating both traditional forms and new and modern projects.

Ceramic vases are empathic products which express all the creativity and style while remaining in tune with the environment. Styles and finishes of these products easily adapt to different furnishing needs.

Thus, if it is true that the search for new forms is due to the designer and his ability to translate suggestions and stories into daring objects, it is also clear that the value perceived by looking at and touching a Unique vase, is the result of the dialogue between tradition and innovation.

We investigate the potential of design through computation. The idea is to be able to create a generation of ceramic objects, each different from the other, but all belonging to a single family.

The result is a collection of design products with a unique morphology, which come to life from the fusion of technology and the human factor in a mix of exclusive shapes.

Unique vases are objects with infinite possibilities that can be used as single pieces or in groups, able to bring an artistic synthesis between nature and craftsmanship in refined environments.

Catalogue 2021