Project Description

Chio takes shape from a set of lines decorated with jagged edges that enrich the seat but also the space that welcomes it, giving it elegance and refinement.

The design is inspired by nature, evoking the shape of the coast of the homonymous island from which the chair takes its name, but also the concept of evolution and growth always present in the natural elements.

Computational design software made it possible to wrinkle the surface in order to increase the resistance of the whole form.
The result was a 3D printed product with a single wall of PLA material that absorbs the efforts of its use without compromising the comfort and flexibility of the chair, creating a careful balance between design and ergonomics to give comfort and relax.

Its original character makes this seat suitable for multiple environments: from indoors to outdoors.

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COLOR: Light blue
DIMENSIONS: 50 X 61 X 81 cm

1.200,00 €* (approximate price, excluding VAT, shipping and customizations)

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