Project Description

Sinularia appears as a structure that grows upwards reminiscent of nature, thanks to the ramifications that make it up and characterize it.

The object was designed with a computational approach to design and made through additive manufacturing with the use of the Contour Crafting methodology for the deposition of the ceramic body layer by layer.

The entire production process of the object has been constantly accompanied by an artisan approach that has allowed us to work by blending classic processing techniques and digital tools for the design and manufacture of the product.

Object with infinite possibilities, it can be used as single pieces or in flocks to project technology and nature in any space.

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COLOR: Petroleum
DIMENSIONS: diameter 13.5 cm and height 26 cm
MATERIAL: Gres stoneware

250,00 €* (approximate price, excluding VAT, shipping and customizations)

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    Paste Color:
    Internal Enamel:
    External Enamel:
    Internal Crystalline:
    External Crystalline:

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