Shipping and Exchanges


Below you will find information about the delivery times and costs of Mediterranea e Unique products, by Medaarch.


If you haven’t found us in any physical store yet, you can order our products on our website
All you have to do is choose the product, color, quantity, select the country and city where you want us to ship your product, and submit the form. We will send you an email with the total cost specifications, adding the shipping amount corresponding to your area, VAT and any customizations requested by you. Once you make the payment, as soon as we receive it, we will send you an order confirmation e-mail.
Remember to check your spam folder. If you do not find it, contact, we will send you a new confirmation e-mail.


We don’t have stock, so when you order a product on our website we will specially manufacture it/them for you. They will be unique pieces. We will try to produce your order as soon as possible and and we will send you an email with the delivery times for your product.


The cost of our products is excluded from any surcharges relating to your product customization choices, the shipping amount corresponding to your area and the VAT. Therefore, when you send the booking form, we will reply with an email where we will indicate the total cost, adding any surcharges relating to product customization choices, the shipping amount corresponding to your area and VAT. If you have any doubts or need clarification, contact us at


If you made any mistake while entering your information during the purchasing process or you simply changed your mind, you will have 2 days from the booking of your product to make the necessary changes. Just contact
Our aim is that you are satisfied with your purchase and therefore we would never intentionally send products in poor conditions. In case you find that a product has suffered damage during shipping, contact us at by sending us photos to prove what happened. We will take care to replace the items that have been damaged due to transport.


Ours is an artisanal product, therefore, even if made with 3D printing technologies, it has some peculiarities typical of non-series productions. In fact, each piece is different from the other, albeit in small details such as the shades of color, the height of the print layer, the pouring of the material, the finishes. Therefore, the product you see in the images of the site will never be identical to the one that will arrive at your home. This is the value of our production, and the value for you!