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Amleto Picerno Ceraso

Gianpiero Picerno Ceraso


The idea of participating in the competition Europan 10 Montrux site comes from a strong passion about wine. Montreux is a town in the shoreline of Lake Geneva. An analysis of the history of the place we decided to create a self-contained community. To maintain maximum permeability of our land and enjoy the best view of the lake was a necessary structure without weight and low impact. Identified the structural system we concentrated on the system that Buckminster Fuller tensigrity studied much in the last century. This structure allows to achieve our goal to leave the permeable soil and to be weightless. This system has been used in the famous pavilion Blur Building in Switzerland. The hexagonal shape adopted is deformed symmetrically along one axis in order to achieve a specific angle of 35 ° derived from

research on energy flows through the trees. The standards of accommodation choices are made up of three different sizes of the form: 37.5 sqm for 1 person, 75 sqm for 2-3 persons, 112.5 for 4 people. The hexagonal form is used as a knot of vertical and horizontal flows of people. It’s a  geometric figure very common in nature: the bees build their nests with this geometry. The structure consists of a central column with horizontal beams held by a cable system voltage all made of steel. The facade is composed of panels with an external timber. Will be made an exhibition space where they can be represented events mainly related to wine, plus a small library and a conference room for 250 persons. Near the green protected area has been arranged entertainment for children. The main entrance is located near the main road.